6th Generation of Lion cubs born

Lundis 4th litter

 Safari Adventures and Lundi (our resident of the Big Cat Drive Thru) welcome six new cubs to the family. 

Lundi one of our very first lioness’ at Safari Adventures has always been such an excellent mother.

After giving birth she is alone to bond with the cubs, allowing only her favourite rangers to sneak a peak. As the cubs start getting active and a bit rowdy, like every mum she NEEDS A BIT OF A BREAK! This is when that all-important ranger and lioness relationship kicks in. It allows the rangers to bond with the cubs as well as re-enforce the relationship with Lundi. Lundi in this time gets to socialise with the rest of her pride and the keepers get to know the cubs for an hour.

This behaviour imitates that of her wild instinct where she would go out and hunt or socialise with pride members. Once the hour is up Lundi comes back to her cubs to feed and clean them. Once the cubs are approximately a month old, the rangers bond with them for three hours, before returning them back to their mum.

By doing it this way the cubs have a really good relationship between their mother as well as with their rangers.

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