How did the lions land in Mauritius?

All the lions, tigers and cheetah seen here in Mauritius have been abandoned from their captive bred family units in South Africa. The cubs are often abandoned by their mothers for many reasons, one being the sheer fact of having given birth for the first time and simply not knowing what is going on!

Hence the cubs are often bitten, left to die or we have even had an instance when the mother has actually picked up the cubs one by one and dropped them in the water trough!

That is why it is so fortunate that within a captive breeding unit the parents are monitored from the day of conception, the gestation through to the birth of the cubs and then if necessary to take the cubs away from the mother in the case of her abandoning them.

They all flew to Mauritius between 2007 and 2011.

Are the lions trained?

All the lions handled by Safari Adventures are in contact with their trainers and rangers on a daily basis and therefore are automatically more approachable. We work with them on an encouragement / reward basis only, when you come and walk or interact you will actually see the lions are enjoying themselves and doing what they only do naturally in the wild.

What will you do with them when they are big?

The Big Cats here with us now will go on to live out the rest of their days in our Big Cat Drive Thru parkland. They will be part of our well maintained captive breeding unit right here in Mauritius and go on to produce the first pride within Mauritius.

What do they eat, how often do you feed them and how much do they eat?

They eat lots of chicken, red meat and these lions are lucky enough to also have Tuna fish. They eat between 30 kg of meat per week.

We never feed the lions at the same time each day as we find this is when animals start to pace their enclosures; we believe it encourages boredom to do everything the same all the time. We have implemented enrichment activities and random feeding times which keeps the animals entertained.