The tiger is one the largest of the four big cats, and one that is very fascinating to people all over the world. Tigers tend to be loners so you won’t see them hunting in groups as you do lions.

However, they have been known to share their prey with others which is a good indication that they do communicate with each other on different levels.

There are 6 out of 9 species of tigers left on Earth. How long they will be able to survive though is in question. Right now all 6 of these remaining species are considered to be endangered. Even with conservation efforts in place the future for them seems very uncertain.

White Tigers

The white tigers are larger in size than the orange ones, and their fur is pale in colour with chocolate brown stipes. The eyes of the white tiger are blue-ish green and this is how we know that they are not albino.

These big cats weigh in at 400-550 lbs and reach a length of 9-11 feet. An average litter size ranges from 1-6 cubs; which stay with their mother till they become 2-2½ years of age.

The main diet of a tiger in the wild is deer, however, they also feed on wild pigs, cattle and fish. At Safari Adventures our tigers eat a varied diet of beef, chicken and fish.

White tiger

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