Forced Affection


“The fundamentals of lion life”

Lions in general are highly social animals and rely on each other to create family bonds. Females in the pride have the strongest bond, and are often seen grooming each other to reinforce these bonds.

“Matata bonding with Jelani”

Most of our lions bond through playing, while another lion at Safari Adventures prefers GROOMING!!


Jelani our older more maternal white lioness is a little pushy when it comes to grooming. Some of the lions enjoy her grooming and will let her do it willingly. Then you get the pin down affection that she shows to the younger brown lion…

“Enough is Enough”


Sometimes in the end enough is enough ! Shumba cant take anymore of this constant grooming from Jelani and has chosen to give some tough love back, in the form of biting her ears.

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