Safari Adventures Mauritius

Big Cat Encounters

Safari Adventures Mauritius brings to you the only big cat encounter on the island. This exclusive activity is available all year at the Casela World of Adventures Mauritius.

This is a unique opportunity available only to the people who are fortunate enough to decide to visit the park at least once in their lifetime. They may feel and study the primitive behaviour of the lions, cheetah and tigers and share their 'Pride' of being in their natural state.

All these thrilling sensations are brought to you by a more than an experienced team with over three generations in the area of lion handling, training and expertise. We have conducted thousands of walks and interactions over the years. Safari Adventures offers you the safest big cat encounter, a world leader in any lion, tiger, cheetah, caracal and serval encounter, and is second to none.

Big cat encounters include the once in a lifetime experience of walking with lions, walking with tigers (when available) and the ever-popular interaction with the cats (these include the cheetah, caracal and serval, as well as the lions and when available cubs and tigers).

The activity you are paying for does not include the entrance fee to the park itself.


Just spent two weeks in Mauritius, and it was our top experience.

Unbelievable feeling from the first minutes to the end, when you are just next to these beautiful animals.

Do not miss it if you can.

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